“Evening Star Arabians is a family run boutique breeding business that produces 1-2 foals per year.  Our focus is to strengthen and preserve the Straight Egyptian Arabian bloodline.  The goal is to produce quality bred Arabian horses that compete and excel in show, halter, sport, endurance, and pleasure while at the same time having the ability to simply be a family horse.  Conformation, movement, type, and a kind disposition are priority as we strive to produce intelligent, beautiful, athletic horses.  We search for stallions that also have a kind disposition that will enhance the qualities of our mares along with keeping a diverse genetic pool.”

Our horses are considered family.  Imprinting and handling start at birth, helping to ensure loving, trusting human/ equine relationships.

All of our horses are SCID/CA clear.

We are committed to finding the best placement for each of our horses.  If a new owner is unable to continue to care for our horse, the gate is always open for their return while a new owner is found.